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Pre-employment Investigations / Personnel Security Investigations


Pre–Employment screening is critical if you want to hire productive, qualified, honest employees with high morale and reduced tardiness/absenteeism. Choosing the right employees for key positions could literally mean the success or failure of your company. Furthermore, pre–employment screening, often heads off future cases of employee theft or fraud, saving you and your business thousands of dollars. Whether you need a simple verification of the honesty of an application for an Associate position, or in–depth employment investigations of a prospective new CEO, the value of quality information about job candidates cannot be overstated. Through our discreet screening process, we may not be able to help you find the “right” person for your job, but we certainly are able to help you in avoiding the “wrong” one.


Employee theft and fraud / Loss Prevention


Do you have inventory losses you cannot account for? Do you suspect theft in some areas of your company? Could the actions of just a few be negatively impacting your profitability?

Losses due to employee dishonesty and theft are problematic, expensive, and embarrassing. Certain types of employee dishonesty can threaten your company’s reputation and integrity, which is often the case with the theft of data or personal customer information. Our Loss Prevention Investigation services uses surveillance and structure infiltration (including undercover research), as well as “Secret Shopping” to assess, identify, and document points of loss that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to draw out.

“Businesses employing less than 100 persons” were the MOST vulnerable to FRAUD and ABUSE “by employees” (ACFE). “Among the victims of Employee Fraud, Smaller Businesses had a median LOSS of $120,000 per occurrence.” (ACFE)  In cases such as these a Loss Prevention program could have proved critical to protecting company profits.

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