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Legal Investigations for Attorneys


Special Solutions Ltd. has a very high regard for attorneys engaged in all areas of criminal and civil law practice. We understand the importance of clear, positive, compelling facts that will allow you to build the strongest possible case. Our services are designed to give you the confidence and poise that comes from knowing that everything has been done for you to successfully represent your client.


We will help you find the best legal strategy.

Our elite team of consultants and Legal Investigators are well versed in the legal system and understand the importance of collecting evidence that is reliable, time sensitive, accurate and legal. A Special Solutions Ltd. Legal Investigator or agent will never jeopardize your case by gathering evidence by illegal means. Our agents have a fundamental knowledge of criminal and civil law, evidence rules, criminal and civil procedures, and are familiar with police procedures to be followed in criminal cases.


Special Solutions Ltd. realizes the importance of establishing a close working relationship with the attorneys we serve. We can work seamlessly in cooperation with corporations and their counsel. Whenever possible, we want to help keep your case out of the court room and, if discretion is desired, your matter out of public scandal.


We are professional, highly ethical and perform our duties with the finesse, tact, and the people skills required to get the desired results. When you need to consider litigation support, a Legal Investigator at Special Solutions Ltd. will provide your firm or practice with a no-cost initial consultation.


Areas of Specialization:

  • Criminal Defense – Felonies & Misdemeanors

  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

  • Family Law – Divorce, Child Custody & Adoptions

  • Probate Matters – Missing Heirs & Faulty Estate Administration

  • Malpractice – Medical & Other

  • Discrimination Cases & Wrongful Discharge

  • Sexual Harassment & Work-place Related Cases

  • Privacy Invasion & Related Cases

  • Product Liability, Engineering, Manufacturing & Design Defects

  • General civil and Criminal Cases for Plaintiffs or Defendants

  • Pre-trial Investigations

  • Wrongful Convictions – Civil and Criminal


Litigation and Legal Support Services:

  • Surveillance Investigations

  • Undercover and Sting Operations

  • Evidence Handling

  • Accident Investigations and Reconstruction

  • Witness Location / Skip Trace

  • Witness Interviews / Statements

  • Witness Scrutiny

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Statements and Affidavits

  • Still / Video Photography

  • Asset Discovery

  • Background Checks

  • Criminal History Checks

  • Juror Vetting

  • Testifying in Court or in Deposition Hearings

  • Service of Process


We can assist with the following:

  • Determining the Opposition’s Material Strength

  • Evaluating/Discovering Witnesses

  • Exploring

  • Discrediting Evidence

  • Identifying and verifying the Facts

  • Identifying Unknown Weaknesses

  • Introducing Advanced Evidence

  • Scrutinizing Expert Witnesses Testimony

  • Strategizing and Case Planning

  • Preparing Trial/ Sentencing Notebooks


Legal Investigations for Individuals


The role of the Legal Investigator is critical.

The role of a Legal Investigator is to present available information and evidence to your Criminal Defense Attorney, Insurance Defense Attorney, or Personal Injury Attorney which may not have been obtained using their own resources. Many times, this is exceptionally valuable to your case and can affect the outcome in your favor. The expert Investigators at Special Solutions Ltd. can assist your counsel in trial preparation by gathering and assembling evidence, offering expert evaluation of that evidence and providing professional reports and testimony. We can work closely with your attorney both prior to and during trial. Post trial investigations can also be very influential to the outcome of sentencing hearings.


Turn a good attorney into a great attorney.

The difference between a good attorney and a great attorney is how much evidence they have and how well they use it. Trust us; you always want to deal with a great attorney. A Legal Investigator can help you get that crucial evidence.


Our firm has developed special expertise in the following areas:

  • Determining the Opposition’s Material Strength

  • Evaluating Witnesses

  • Exploring all potential avenues

  • Discrediting Evidence

  • Identifying and verifying the Facts

  • Identifying Unknown Weaknesses

  • Introducing Advanced Evidence

  • Scrutinizing Expert Witnesses Testimony

  • Strategizing and Case Planning


It would be very helpful if you could please have the following information available for your Legal Investigator during your Free Consultation:

  • What is your association to this case?

  • What is your relationship to the subject(s)?

  • Will the findings and the evidence collected during this investigation be used in a court of law?

  • Do you have a court order or a court case number?

  • What have you done on your own to this point to obtain the information you are looking for?

  • Does the subject have any vehicles, known addresses or places of known employment?

  • Does the subject have a propensity toward violence, physical and/or verbal?

  • Are there any limitations you would need to put on your Legal Investigator or this legal investigation (financial, discretionary, time, etc.)?


Criminal Investigations/Criminal Investigator


Due to escalating criminal behavior and the dwindling funding of our police departments, police agencies find themselves overwhelmed and understaffed. Many times, not all criminal investigations get the attention and resources they need to be solved. Often times, cases can be prematurely determined to be “cold” cases (unsolvable) or worse result in the finger being pointed at an innocent person.


A Criminal Investigator exclusively dedicated to your case

Today, people seeking justice or those protecting themselves against a false accusation often times seek the answers they need by hiring their own Private Criminal Investigator. There are many benefits of hiring your own criminal Investigator but primarily it can work because you have someone exclusively dedicated to solving your case without all of the limitations of resources and jurisdiction that a law enforcement agency must contend with.


Equally, the police may refuse to consider a crime ever even took place without a foundation of evidence. This is the kind of evidence a private Criminal Investigator could uncover. Sexual assault, physical assault, murder, theft, property damage and vandalism are all crimes in which additional evidence could be needed in order to pursue a suspect. A Criminal Investigator can even gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation.


All Inquiries and Criminal Investigations are 100% Confidential

Special Solutions Ltd. handles many different types of criminal investigations, including fraud investigations, rape investigations, sexual crime investigations, theft investigations, kidnapping investigations, assault investigations, homicide investigations, and many others. We adapt the techniques we use to the specific crime committed ensuring the best possible outcome.


The Criminal Investigators who handle our criminal investigations at Special Solutions Ltd. are highly trained and have the resources needed to pursue your case including forensics investigations, crime scene investigations, networks of investigators, surveillance, records checks, etc. We will remain dedicated to your case until you are satisfied, so there is a high possibility our Criminal Investigator will find the answers you seek.


Criminal Investigations Services

  • Your Criminal Investigator can examine records to explore validity of chains of evidence or information.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can analyze charges, complaints and allegations of law violations to find discrepancies, issues and additional evidence that may be needed.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can use records, witness interviews and surveillance to obtain and verify evidence.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can prepare professional court ready reports that detail investigation findings.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can collect forensic evidence and analyze it in the field or in laboratories.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can collaborate with other authorities on surveillance, transcription and research.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can perform undercover operations when appropriate.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can exchange information and coordinating activities with other offices and agencies.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can collect and record physical information about arrested suspects (fingerprints, height and weight measurements, and photographs etc.).

  • Your Criminal Investigator can use the latest technology to compare collected crime scene fingerprints with those of the suspects or fingerprint files to identify perpetrators.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can record evidence and documents.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can serve subpoenas or other official papers.

  • Your Criminal Investigator can testify before grand juries concerning criminal activity investigations.

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