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John C. Frycek, LPD, PPS, LAC

Chief Investigator

Welcome to our Web site and we thank you for taking the time to explore our skills, operation and methods. Special Solutions, Ltd., is a professional Executive Protection and Private Investigation firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, that has been in business for over 25 years.


We have an attributed and dedicated staff of men and women who mirror nothing but professionalism and true dedication in the field of security and investigations. No matter what the task or risk, we offer managed and non-bias resolve with old-fashion mouth to ear, handshake to handshake trusted service. 


We provide protective, investigative and risk management solutions for large corporations, governments and private affluent families. Threat assessments, advance protection, specialized surveillance, physical security applications and complex investigations are the hallmark of our business    


We remain at your service 24/7 Nationwide. We are your "hidden" protective agenda when turbulent unforeseen circumstances accrue in business or personal life.


Specialties: Corporate Investigations / Risk Management, Executive Protection, Security Management, TSCM, Professional Private Investigations, Physical Security Covert/Overt Products and Professional Installations. We also have a network of skilled and seasoned investigators world-wide that can render clarity and resolve for any and all complex tribulations.


"Avoidance and sustained preventative maintenance lessens

the burden of reactive tribulations."  John C. Frycek     


Executive Statement of Qualifications

President at Special Solutions, Ltd.

​1991 - present


Responsible for the day to day operations of a 12 person Private Investigation firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We perform full service investigative and protection services with a global reach.


President at Total Security Group, Inc.

​2001 - present


Total Security, Inc. is a retail establishment that designs, installs and renders consultation on physical security applications for government and private sector corporations.


We offer a unique approach to theft and fraud investigations with the utilization of covert video technology and CCTV Digital Video Camera Systems.


We also offer night vision and high-end optics for surveillance operations for private investigators, police, federal agencies and out-of-country governments.


Summary & Statement of Qualifications

Trained and supervised over 85 Illinois State Registered Security Officers and Agents.


Instructor & Certified Reserve Police Officers in defensive and police science tactics.


Supervised eleven multiple Illinois State Licensed Private Investigators in undercover private investigations in a nine (9) state radius.


Over twelve (12) years security and police department common duty, supervisory and patrol service.


Owned and managed a surveillance company that served over seven (7) major Workers’ Compensation Insurance firms. Devised new surveillance tactics and employed fourteen (14) field surveillance operatives to investigate and uncover insurance fraud.


Trained over 205 State Registered Private Investigator trainees in the (20) hour basic training course under the guidelines of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Instructed numerous personal protection seminars and trained select persons in executive protection, close protection services & counter-terrorism.

Managed FAA Federal security on 9/11 in Des Plaines, IL for a three week period.

Rendered personal and close protective services to numerous high level executives and celebrities throughout America. Services included close protection, advance work planning, threat analysis, electronic counter-measures and physical security estate protection.

Currently the founder and Director of Total Security, Inc. in which sells and distributes design covert/overt physical security products to law enforcement entities, federal governments, professional private investigators and professional security agents around the world.


Certifications, Skills & Licenses:


  • Tae Kwon Do, Marital Arts Self Defense, Second Degree Black Belt Certification Awarded

  • Tactical Arms & Weapons. Trained in over (6) Martial Arts Weapons & Small Arms

  • First Aid/CPR Rapid Response Certification

  • 1991 Executive Protection Institute, Berryville, Virginia, Certified Personal Protection Specialist Accreditation. 80 hour program taught by some of the best Protection Specialists in the world and former U.S. Secret Service personnel.

  • 1991 Illinois State Licensed Private Detective #115-001002

  • 1992 Professional Protective Services, LTD, Counter-Intelligence (Certification Awarded) Specialist studies, Certified Counter-Intelligence Specialist in Undercover Operations.

  • 1993 Chicago, IL Workplace Violence Seminar (Disgruntled & Violent Employees) (Certificate Awarded)

  • 1995 Rockford, Illinois, Close Combat & Defensive Tactics Seminar (Executive Protection)

  • 1995 Gun & Special Weapons Combat Defensive Training (10) Day Seminar. Phoenix, Arizona

  • 1996 The Reid Method of Criminal Interviews & Interrogation. Certified in Interview & Interrogation (Certification Awarded)

  • 1996 ASP Tactical Baton Certification (Instructor)

  • 2000 MEB Monadnock Police Defensive Tactics, Instructor (Certification Awarded)

  • 2000 MEB Monadnock PR-24 Defensive Tactics, Instructor (Certification Awarded)

  • 2000 MEB Monadnock Straight Baton Defensive Tactics, (Certification Awarded)

  • 2000 Police Aerosol Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor Course, (Certification Awarded)

  • 2001 Controlled Force Police Defensive Training Studies, (Certification Awarded)

  • 2002 Counter-Terrorism Studies and impact on private sector security

  • 2003 Illinois Police Reserves (Part-Time Internal Affairs Division) Trainer for Close Personal Protection and Police Tactical Survival Training.

  • 2004 The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. Certified as a police trainer and international member. ILEETA is an Internationally recognized organization for law enforcement trainers.

  • 2006 Physical Security CCTV Specialist. Specialist in Covert Camera Operations and installations for police agencies and private sector security divisions. Design physical biometric security operations, including safe room technologies and CCTV Digital Video Recording Technology.


  • 2010 The Investigative Training Institute. Director of Training for private investigation course studies.  20 Hour Certification State Course Classes and advanced surveillance and investigation police courses.  


  • 2011 NRA Certified Pistol Instructor First Steps and 8 Hour Basic Firearm Training Program


  • 2012 AR-15 Police Rifle Tactical Training Course, Indianapolis, Indiana


  • 2013 Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Instructor Certified by the State of Illinois.  

  • 2017 Code Red Active Shooter Advanced Instructor Program Certification


  • ​2018 Illinois State Licensed Alarm Contractor #124-002032




We protect clients not only against physical harm issues, but also protect reputation and personal life issues as well. I investigate potential business affiliates, protect assets, pre-screen playmates, calm-down situations and perform many other protection aspects based upon my keen insight and due diligence abilities. We are down-to-earth without being egocentric, nor do we suffer from the "John Wayne Syndrome" or the "Chatty Patty" mannerism.  Please note; that we are not to be recognized nor confused with the basically trained glorified security guard and /or the once-upon-a-time rogue ex-cop. We are, and remain---professional. 


Chicago Private Investigators


Professional Investigators & Protection Specialists

1 - (847) 803-6922

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 Private Investigator | Chicago | Special Solutions, Ltd.

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