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We render full-scale corporate investigative services & have world-wide resources to resolve any matter that may hinder a company's growth or reputation...

Executive Protection, Body Guard and Event Security


In today’s Climate, Personal Protection is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. Crimes against corporate executives, celebrities and high worth individuals are on the rise. Security has become a fact of life. Protection Services. Special Solutions, Ltd.,  offers Professional Bodyguard and Executive Protection Services customized to meet our client’s needs. We provide effective and discreet armed and unarmed protection agents for Private Individuals, Executives, Celebrities, High Profile/High Worth Individuals, Corporate Officers and VIPs.


Our agents are trained to project several steps ahead, conceive possible outcomes and avoid putting our clients in harm’s way. They are equally prepared to implement effective countermeasures to deal with an escalating issue or attack.

We recognize both corporate and private environments require an unobtrusive security presence. Our agents have common sense, are well-versed in etiquette and are mindful of the enormous amount of faith, trust and confidence which you are placing in them.


Special Event Security and Protection.

Special Solutions, Ltd.,  provides armed and unarmed protection services for Black Tie Events, Fund Raisers, Corporate Conferences, business meetings, social gatherings, night clubs, government events, Expositions, Major Political and Entertainment Events, VIP Gatherings, Event Galas, and other high profile special events. Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide protection that is low profile, discreet and blends in with Special Events that require a more sophisticated and refined presence.


Escort Services


If you are traveling with valuable business documents, jewelry and or money, you may require secure transportation. Let one of our undercover escorts ensure your safe arrival to your final destination.


  • Our Protection services include the following:

  • Personal Protection

  • Disgruntled Employee Protection of workplace

  • Asset Protection

  • Protective Courier Service for valuables

  • Corporate Security

  • Event Security

  • Secure Drivers

Chicago Private Investigators


Professional Investigators & Protection Specialists

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 Private Investigator | Chicago | Special Solutions, Ltd.

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