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Corporate Investigation Specialist in  Chicago

We have been providing end-to-end high-level investigative services for over 30 years.

John C. Frycek

 Chief Investigator

Corporate Investigations Chicago

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, accurate and timely information is imperative. We at Special Solutions conduct thorough investigations of pre-employment applicants and, when necessary, personnel within the corporate structure. We specialize in conducting investigations of a sensitive internal nature. 

The problems faced by Businesses and Corporations are unique and we understand the solutions must be as well. We view Business/Corporate issues as “problems” as opposed to crimes. It has been our experience that Businesses and Corporations do not view their employees as criminals. Criminals are outsiders. It closely resembles the way family members view one another. In fact, many Business owners look upon their employees as if they were part of an extended family. In a Special Solutions, Ltd.,  Business Investigation, we keep the integrity of the employee/owner relationship at the forefront of our minds when deciding how to proceed.


Equally, if the Client wishes to pursue prosecution of the guilty parties for their unethical behavior, we are highly qualified and prepared to switch gears to a Criminal Investigation to make that happen as well.


We will work closely with the Legal Counsel and Human Resources staff of the Business/Corporation. Initially, our goal will be to identify and define the problem. Often, the issue is exactly what the Client suspected. Other times, the tentacles of deceit and deception reach much deeper and further than previously thought. A thorough Business Investigation by a highly trained and qualified Corporate Investigator can ferret out the root cause.


Interviews, interrogations, surveillance, information sources, and/or undercover investigators can all be employed to solve the problem. Computer Forensics, Forensic Accounting, covert videography, electronically enhanced polygraphs and other cutting edge technology can also be utilized.


Please call us to discuss your individual situation, Business Investigation need or specific concern with one of our highly skilled investigative specialists.  A Special Solutions, Ltd., Corporate Investigator will likely have the solutions you are looking for.

Corporate Investigations Chicago

Honesty is Only Skin Deep...

Pre-employment Investigations / Personnel Security Investigations


Pre–Employment screening is critical if you want to hire productive, qualified, honest employees with high morale and reduced tardiness/absenteeism. Choosing the right employees for key positions could literally mean the success or failure of your company. Furthermore, pre–employment screening, often heads off future cases of employee theft or fraud, saving you and your business thousands of dollars. Whether you need a simple verification of the honesty of an application for an Associate position, or in–depth employment investigations of a prospective new CEO, the value of quality information about job candidates cannot be overstated. Through our discreet screening process, we may not be able to help you find the “right” person for your job, but we certainly are able to help you in avoiding the “wrong” one.


Employee theft and fraud / Loss Prevention


Do you have inventory losses you cannot account for? Do you suspect theft in some areas of your company? Could the actions of just a few be negatively impacting your profitability?

Losses due to employee dishonesty and theft are problematic, expensive, and embarrassing. Certain types of employee dishonesty can threaten your company’s reputation and integrity, which is often the case with the theft of data or personal customer information. Our Loss Prevention Investigation services uses surveillance and structure infiltration (including undercover research), as well as “Secret Shopping” to assess, identify, and document points of loss that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to draw out.

“Businesses employing less than 100 persons” were the MOST vulnerable to FRAUD and ABUSE “by employees” (ACFE). “Among the victims of Employee Fraud, Smaller Businesses had a median LOSS of $120,000 per occurrence.” (ACFE)  In cases such as these a Loss Prevention program could have proved critical to protecting company profits.

Our Corporate Investigation services include:

  • Workers Compensation Investigations

  • Warehouse Investigations

  • Undercover Operatives Investigations

  • Surveillance of employees suspected of abusing the “Family Leave Act”

  • Fake Claims of Injury

  • Employee Theft Investigations

  • Embezzlement

  • Missing Inventory

  • Loss Prevention Investigations

  • Money Laundering Investigations

  • Cargo Tracking

  • Employee Threats

  • Hidden Bank Accounts

  • Falsification of Records

  • Internal Theft of Intellectual Property

  • Business Investigation

  • Workman’s Compensation/Fake Injury Claims

Do you suspect that some of your employees on disability claims are not really injured or disabled?

Each year, worker’s compensation claims total close to 3.5 BILLION dollars. False injury claims cost corporations thousands of dollars, and hundreds of valuable man hours in filing, documenting and check payout processing. With expert surveillance, key witness testimony and captured video, a Corporate Investigator at Special Solutions, Ltd.,  can reduce your organization’s losses due to invalid, overstated, or fraudulent worker’s compensation claims.


Corporate Research / Business Background Searches /Corporate Security Investigations


In life and in business you do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. At Special Solutions, Ltd., , we understand the power of having the right information at the right time. We can provide you with the data and histories of other companies that could be the leverage you need to succeed. Often times in business it is not necessarily the better party but the better PREPARED party that wins. We want to help you be on the winning team. We are due diligent in our searches. All requests can be done via email or fax. There is no need to meet a Corporate Investigator.

Our services include:

  • Due Diligence / Financial / Hidden Asset

  • Business Histories and Data Reports

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Account Identification


Employee Productivity Investigations


Are your employees less productive than you think they should be? Does it feel like you never seem to get done what you need to get done on time? Is your work force unwilling to comply with your corporate policies? Do you feel you have inadequate or ineffective supervision of your employees, especially at night?

We understand the importance of keeping an eye on employees these days. It is natural for employees to be social and a user friendly work environment can boost morale and keep productivity high, but gross misuse of paid employee time can cost a company a bundle in lost revenue, missed deadlines and additional unnecessary salaries. Are you paying two people to do one person’s job? Our Investigative Services can help you find out.


Our services include:

  • Surveillance of field employees

  • Short term Undercover Infiltration Operations

  • Electronic Round the Clock Surveillance

  • Secret Shopping

Employee Tracking


Is employee misconduct eating away at your profits?

Are your employees where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing? This is a question that can make or break a business. Businesses can be hemorrhaging dollars on frivolous misuses of their vehicles and disregard of the company clock. Is it a harmless errand on the rare occasion or a recurring abuse of company time and gas?

If your employees are using company time to attend to personal obligations, putting unauthorized wear and tear on the company vehicle or elongating their appointments past the allotted time, a GPS tracker may be the solution.


Stop wasting money

GPS vehicle tracking can be used in conjunction with a traditional Licensed Private Investigator Surveillance Investigation or Undercover Operation. If the data collected reflects unauthorized use of a company vehicle, a surveillance investigator can gather additional evidence against the employee.

Whether your business involves mobile service vehicles, delivery vans, or shipping, Employee Tracking Investigative Services is an excellent fleet management/monitoring tool.

Whether your business involves mobile service vehicles, delivery vans, or shipping, this is an excellent fleet management/monitoring tool.

Corporate Investigations Chicago

Are Your Conversations Safe?

Electronic Debugging, Electronic Counter Surveillance and Electronic Surveillance Detection


Do you have an uncomfortable feeling you are being watched? Do you hear strange noises on your phone? Has your private information been suspiciously revealed during conversations with acquaintances or business associates?


You have a right to privacy, a Private Investigator can help.

The ever increasing availability of audio and video bugs on the market today, make it relatively easy for someone to monitor what you are doing and saying in the privacy of your own home, business or vehicle. The threat of being a victim of electronic eavesdropping has never been greater.

It doesn’t take a high level of expertise or expensive equipment to intercept most forms of electronic communication and transmit it anywhere worldwide. Shockingly, surveillance equipment is not difficult to construct, is available in many ordinary electronics stores and can be sold to any buyer, without restrictions.

We could easily be clueless that we are living with these electronic roommates. Once planted, these devices are most likely disguised as household or office objects, hidden out of sight under furniture or floorboards or concealed inside walls and electrical equipment. They can also be cleverly built into something you already own.


Our Investigation Services are Discreet and 100% Confidential.

Typically, the only effective way of locating this equipment for removal is by a Counter Surveillance Operation or “Bug Sweep.” Special Solutions, Ltd.,  will arrange for a Specialist Private Investigator to visit your home or business, discreetly locate any devices and remove them. In some cases, a reverse trace back investigation can be conducted to uncover the guilty eavesdropping parties.

Bugging can happen to anyone, however, there are certain occupations, financial positions, social ties and domestic situations which increase the risk.

Common victims of bugging are:

  • Spouses – by the other spouse

  • Neighbors – by other neighbors

  • Children – by their parents

  • Businessmen – by other businessmen

  • Scientists – by other scientists

  • Professors – by their students

  • Attorneys (and their clients) – by other attorneys

  • Accident victims – by Insurance Companies

  • Construction companies – by other construction companies

  • Customers – by Salesmen

  • Debtors – by Collection Agencies

  • Suspects – by the Police bug

  • Individuals – by Identity Thieves


Bugging devices have a number of ways of entering your home, office or vehicle. Here are some of the most common:

  • Entering your home, office or vehicle, unauthorized, without your knowledge

  • An agent posing as a utility worker for gas or electric

  • A trusted friend, partner or colleague

  • Hidden inside a gift or present you may receive

  • Attached to the outside of your property or office (certain bugs can listen through walls)

  • Attached to the phone lines externally


Special Solutions, Ltd., ’s Investigation Services for debugging include a physical search of the target site and experienced professionals employing state-of-the-art eavesdropping detection equipment.


Equipment which can be located with Sweep Debugging:

  • Recorders

  • Video Cameras

  • Microphones

  • Bugs and Taps

  • WI-FI Digital Transmission

  • Transmitters

  • Audio Recorders

  • Wireless Mechanisms

  • GPS Tracking Equipment

  • Closed-circuit Television Systems (CCTV)


We conduct household, corporate and vehicle De-bugging.

In today’s technological world, people becoming victim to listening devices, eavesdropping devices, recording devices, wireless devices, security cameras, audio and video surveillance devices and other snooping devices is more common than ever.

If there is a concern you are the target of a bugging operation, we recommend you call our office from a payphone at least a few miles from your home. At this juncture, it might not be wise to use your home phone for calls of a confidential nature.

Corporate Investigations Chicago

Need to Take a Discreet Look Into Your Business?

Undercover Surveillance


For Businesses, a successful undercover investigation is designed to reduce liability, minimize losses and maximize profits and help you resolve difficult-to-investigate situations such as theft, substance abuse and other costly and dangerous forms of employee misconduct.

Undercover workplace employment investigations are employee-interactive. Our specialized operatives will seamlessly integrate themselves into your workforce, gain the trust of your employees and reveal company violations from within. First-hand intelligence concerning suspected employees is collected and if necessary, our operative can testify in court.

For Individuals, well planned undercover employment investigations can unearth suspected drug use, infidelity and other undesirable behavior.

We understand the delicate nature of these types of investigations and every precaution is taken to preserve the quality of your personal relationships. We will assimilate ourselves undetected, into the target situation; obtain the information and evidence you desire, then, graciously exit. Again, our operative can testify in court if necessary.


Any Inquiry and/or Business Investigation is 100% Confidential

If you believe that a potential or serious problem exists within your workforce or private life, an Undercover Business Investigation could be your best solution for confirming or disproving suspicions and exposing any guilty parties. Due to the clandestine nature of these investigations and to avoid compromising the integrity of our operations, details are reserved for Clients and verbal inquiries. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you please call us to discuss the particulars of your situation with a Corporate Investigator.

How Safe Are Your Executives?

Corporate Investigations Chicago

Proactive vs. Reactive?

The scope of the investigation may include, but is not limited to, communications and computer or corporate espionage.  We are available to conduct investigations relating to corporate mergers and takeovers both on a domestic and international level. No matter how sensitive your needs may be in the field of corporate investigation, Special Solutions is available to conduct the assignment in a discreet and confidential manner. 

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