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Criminal Investigations
in Chicago

Provides end-to-end high-level investigative services for over 30 years.

John C. Frycek

LPD, PPS, Chief Investigator


This sensitive service is handled by our criminal investigation division that is lead by some of the most competent investigators in the private sector. Made up of mostly former homicide police detectives, SSI can in pick up where local law enforcement has left off. We can take a direct proprietary interest in your case and provide you with detailed information.  We have former police detectives that are derived from major metropolitan cities that possess true solve experience


Missing a friend or relative? Looking for someone named in a will? An old service friend, college friend, or has someone just skipped out on a bill? SSI has the ability to search literally billions of records nationwide to assist you in locating the missing person(s). Simply call us with all the information you have at hand regarding the person you're looking for and SSI will do the rest if it is a legitimate request.


It's a different America today. No longer can we afford to be lax with security preparedness. Our government officials have warned of possible additional acts of domestic terrorism.

Proactive planning and training are the keys to keeping your business and your employees secure. Knowing what to do when a situation arises can mean the difference between life and death. Our staff can train your personnel on what to do and how to react to incidents that can cost your company millions of dollars as well as the lives of your employees.


It has been said that a "STALKER" instills more fear into someone than a person making an actual threat. In many cases the "STALKER" is an estranged spouse, friend, or an old lover. 'YOU ALWAYS SHOULD INFORM THE AUTHORITIES IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE BEING STALKED". You can apply for various types of court orders that if successfully obtained may keep the "STALKER" away from you. The authorities cannot guarantee your safety, as their hands are tied, until it can be proven that a crime has occurred. Even then, the authorities can only do so much.



The Internet is a magnificent development that is touching the lives of billions of people all over the World. But along with the many wonderful things that it brings to us it has also become an instrument for evil. Just think of some of the words that have become commonplace in our vocabulary and are particularly associated with the advent of the Internet. Words like 'virus', 'worm', Trojan, predator, fraud, scam, alias, hacker, pornography, pedophile, etc., etc. These have become common terms because unfortunately they are common occurrences. The virtual world is a big part of the real world and we are vulnerable in both.

Just as a person leaves his footprints in the real world, they also leave their footprints in the Virtual world. We can now follow those footprints no matter what world they are prowling.

When you combine specialized training in computer configuration, e-mail tracing, Internet Profiling and computer security with that of an already highly skilled investigator from the real world, you end up with a virtual investigator that can follow those 'footprints' anywhere!

Special Solutions now combines these skill sets and applies them to each and every investigation that is undertaken. If the subject of our investigation has ever been 'on-line' in that virtual world, we will expose that on-line presence and connect that person to the real world.

You need not feel 'vulnerable' ! If you are on-line you must take precautions, Internet security doesn't just happen. You can be in control ! Knowledge is everything ! Internet Profiling can provide you with the information you need. (Knowledge) Internet Profiling can become very complex, technical, and time consuming. It can also be fairly straight forward and truly enlightening within a very short period of time. The key is the amount of time the subject of the investigation has ever spent on the Internet. The more that person has been '0n-line' the better. If e-mail correspondence is associated with your problem we ask that you 'save' all e-mails within a separate folder. It is essential for e-mail tracing that you keep the e-mail that you received. (They will become very important during any investigation.)

Hacking and virus, attacks are in the daily headlines. Are your computers safe? Is the threat from the outside or from within? In either case we can assist you and guide your organization to security measures that work. 

We offer analysis of your current system and can point out the strengths and weakness, in the overall design of your current operation with your current team of engineers. Then together with our study and your team derive a plan that will minimize the danger of having your system compromised. We have found that on more than on occasion access and abilities were the issue and not the security plan. What this all means for you, is the piece of mind that comes from having a workable sensible security plan in place. In the event, you believe there was or, is ongoing intrusion. We can detect, identify, and locate intruders. Document the actions, any individual takes on your network without detection.



Loss prevention in the retail industry is concerned with disappearance of merchandise and currency. Most retail establishments take a physical inventory annually, while some do it semiannually. When the count is completed, the difference between the actual inventory on hand and what it should be according to purchase and sales records is called shrinkage. The Causes of shrinkage are recognized as employee theft, shoplifting, and paperwork error. Other reasons for business losses, such as robbery, burglary, and vandalism, are separate problems. Shoplifting and internal theft are actually untold numbers of separate incidents of larceny adding up to billions of dollars of losses which are not listed in crime reports, except for the relatively few cases where arrests are made. Even though shoplifting is more often publicized than employee theft, security experts are of the opinion that the in-house thief is responsible for at least 50% of the shrinkage.

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