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Private Investigation
in Chicago

Provides end-to-end high-level investigative services for over 30 years.

John C. Frycek

LPD, PPS, Chief Investigator

Special Solutions, Ltd., is one of the nation's leading private investigation firms that consistently provides companies, government entities, and private individuals with professional investigative and security consulting expertise. We have conducted hundreds of successful investigations worldwide and possess the skill-set that mirrors nothing but excellence and true resolve. We are headquartered in Chicago, IL, but also service the United States and other countries as well.


Special Solutions, Ltd., is one of the few companies that provides end-to-end high level investigative services--with follow-through.  When you engage us, you not only get highly trained and qualified investigators, but the support service you need to aggressively obtain correct information and intelligence. Our investigators add full support in all their investigative findings to further assist clients in making actionable decisions in the prevention, protection and preservation of life and property. Call us today in confidence for a free investigative consultation. Call us at: 1 (847) 544-1513 



Finding my daughter was as joyful as the day she was born.  We have a long way to go on her drug addiction, but I thank you people for risking yourself to get my kid back.

Michael P. | Chicago, Illinois


John and his staff of seasoned investigators helped me out of a dark time in my business. Thank you for exposing the truth---you great sleuths!


Linda Carlson | Highland Park, IL

Thanks again for finding my mother's jewelry. It has been in the family for over 80 years going back to France! I owe you lunch big guy.


Steven Hague | Miami, FL


John C. Frycek, PPS, LPD | President and Chief Investigator of SSL

For over 30 years, our investigative firm has served the general public and business industry with the best in confidential services and security protection.  


Confidentiality, trusted dedicated service and attention to detail has been, and continues to be, the hallmark of our business.  

1 (847) 803-6922 OR CONTACT US BELOW! 

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Chicago Private Investigators


Professional Investigators & Protection Specialists

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 Private Investigator | Chicago | Special Solutions, Ltd.

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